My name is Martin Zamora and I am a Clovis native and have lived my entire life in the district.  I have been involved in agricultural businesses for over 20 years.  I spent over 22 years working at a dairy, and I have owned several small businesses related to the agricultural industry in New Mexico.  I own a farm in Curry County and a ranch that is in Torrance and Socorro Counties.  I have also served on the Wells Fargo Community Advisory Board.

My wife, Debbie and I have been married for 40 years.  Together we have raised two daughters who also live in Clovis with their families.  Our two daughters are both Registered Nurses.  One works as a Nursing Instructor at Clovis Community College, the other is employed at a Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.  We have six beautiful grandchildren we are immensely proud of, and would like to see a bright future for them in the state of New Mexico

All voters deserve to have a choice when electing people to represent them in state government.  I have been serving my constituents of District 63 since January of 2019.  I have been a conduit between Santa Fe and the people of my district.  I will continue to work hard to advocate for your concerns, and I will not be influenced by those outside forces that do not have New Mexico’s interests at heart.

My legislative priorities will continue to center on supporting New Mexico’s families.  That includes creating more jobs so New Mexicans can provide a good standard of living for themselves and for the lives of their children.  I am a strong believer in the power of education, and I will work to make sure every child in New Mexico receives a quality education and is safe while attending school.  I will also strive to ensure fiscal responsibility and that state agencies use taxpayer dollars wisely.  I will guard against any infringement upon the constitutional rights of New Mexicans.  As a practicing Catholic, I value the sanctity of life and pledge to support efforts to increase the protections for unborn children and our elderly.

 You can contact me at: